Friday, July 31, 2009


Even your small help can change the destinies of some of underpriviledged children & women.It gives us the immense satisfaction to realize that your has became meaningful & life is useful to others.

We request you to join this mission.

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  1. Hello Friends!
    From Sept 27 to Oct 3,2009 ,we should be engaged in "acts of giving" as part of the nation wide Joy of Giving Week.This is a new national movement that aims to engage every single Indian in giving back to society in a way that he or she chooses- money,time,skills or resources.
    We strongly need this activity because giving unites prolple accross numerous divides- urban-rural,caste,class and gender- and brings them together.
    As India continues to struggle with its paradoxes of growth with inequity,of having the mosy billionaires in the world and the largest impoverished population,the Joy of Giving week is an opportunity to redeem ourselves. please meet and motivate people to participate.For more ideas on what we can do write on my blog